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you gotta re-phrase the question or at least clarify specifically what you're asking in the main question body before you can hope for an answer. just a suggestion tho.
You don't have to do that.. If the question itself explains  the point he's trying to making, it's pointless to just restate it.

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Yes. A similar question was asked. If you get any pokemon from gen III & IV & transfer it to a gen V game, then breed, egg moves on the gen III/IV father, the baby will have them despite the fact that they are from different generations.

Ex- I have a seviper w/darkpulse in gen IV. I put it on black & breed with a female deino. My new deino will now have dark pulse.

Hope this helps:)

alright thanks because im still a little confused on breeding
If 2 pokemon are in the same egg group, excluding legendaries other than manaphy/phione, they can breed with each other.