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I run Roost on Gligar cause it doesn’t get Poison Heal. Same for gliscor?

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What do you want to use this Gliscor for? If you want to use it in competitive battles, what format?

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Roost is probably better than Protect, as it provides more reliable recovery. Protect is safer, and provides free Poison Heal recovery, Roost gives back 50% of your HP, which is lots of recovery in one turn when you add Poison Heal. Usually, a Pokémon will run Protect in these cases only if they don't have a reliable recovery like Recover or Roost. So, I would recommend Roost over Protect.

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Yes, but eXcess’s answer was different than yours. Personally, I think Protect is much better because it guarantees a poison from Toxic Orb, and you can also scout out your oppoennt for either Ice Beam or Hidden Power [Ice].
Roost is better for sure. If you’re playing against a Pokémon that can 2HKO you, you shouldn’t be staying in no matter which move you’re using. If it can’t 2HKO you, then you gain more HP back using Roost anyway.
Scouting is kinda overrated, honestly. You can tell by the way people play, and by knowing standard sets, whether they have a move in store. You can switch to something that can pivot out of it too, if you really need to know. Protect isn’t necessary for that one purpose.
Roost is also on 81% of Gliscor sets from high-ranking UU players. https://www.smogon.com/stats/2018-05/moveset/gen7uu-1760.txt
Yeah but Poison Heal really doesn’t heal that much, and Roost will actually sustain Gliscor more than Protect will. Protect is a good option for scouting, but Roost is usually more reliable, at least according to Smogon.
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It is really your own choice. If you want extra recovery, use Roost. If you are fine with poison heal recovery and like to know your opponents attacks, use Protect. I personally recommend Protect though. So go for protect.

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I actually think you should have both but then it wouldn't leave space for swords dance + E.Q. unless you just want toxic but then you don't have anything for steel types so you could just put E.Q. but then skarmory (theoretically) so, yea.