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Ok so I have a Poison Heal Gliscor. So if I assume Earthquake is a given and so is Rock Slide/ Stone Edge , what else should I run, both Roost and Swords Dance or Roost and another move ect. Also, do you think Protect is worth having? Keep in mind this is for a bulky attacking gliscor I think it's EVs are 104 speed 252 attack andd 148 def.


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Actually, there are way better moves to run on it. Rock Slide/Stone Edge are good moves for a Gliscor, but they aren't the best moves for it.
Some of the more successful semi-offensive sets have been Earthquake, Knock Off, U-turn and Taunt/Toxic. But if you want to make a choice between the two moves you've suggested and no more, go for Swords Dance.

Protect is a good move to have on a stall Gliscor, and is a decent move on bulky attacking Gliscor. If you run Toxic as well, it's hands down the best move out there, otherwise it can be skipped. Substitute is an alternative as well.
Substitute is a good option, it provides cover from Leech Seed Ferrothorn and allows you to set up Swords Dance.
"hands down" smh
REALLY, Did NO ONE NOTICE I HAD 600 EVs at the beginning? XD

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Swords Dance hands down

Poison Heal heals already so why Roost? And if I'm not mistaken, It gives 12% of your HP back every turn.
Here's a good set:
Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
Impish Nature
60 Hp/48 Atk/200 Def/200 Spd
-Swords Dance
- Earthquake
-Baton Pass/Rock Slide
Rock slide for a set that isn't completely shut down by Taunt.
Baton Pass if you need to get a boost onto another Pokemon.
Hope I helped!
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Use Ice Fang somewhere in there
Yeah ice fang seems needed to get rid of grass types that take normal damage to flying