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A poison heal Pokemon after getting poisoned tricks or switcheroos to leftovers.. So then will the Pokemon regain hp with poison heal and leftovers? And can any Pokemon have this combination?

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No Pokemon can have this combination, unless the Leftovers are Tricked onto them.

This is because the only Pokemon with the ability Poison Heal are:

  1. Gliscor
  2. Shroomish
  3. Breloom

None of these Pokemon can learn either Switcheroo or Trick. However, if they were Tricked the item Leftovers, or if they were poisoned by a move like Toxic and were holding Leftovers, then they would regain 18% of their maximum HP at the end of every turn, 6% from the Leftovers, and 12% from the Poison Heal.

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Yes it would work.

A Pokémon with Poison Heal with will gain 1/8 of their maximum HP back at the end of every turn if the Pokémon is poisoned or badly poisoned. The Toxic Orb inflicts the holder with the badly poisoned ailment after one turn of battle so unless you have a Pokémon with Heal Bell or Aromatherapy you will not need it again.

Leftovers restores 1/16 of the Pokémon's maximum HP (rounded down) each turn when held.

There's only one problem with this no Pokémon with Poison Heal can learn Trick or Switcheroo as only Shroomish, Breloom and Gliscor have that Ability. So it would only work if one of your other Pokémon used it on you in a Double or Triple Battle or your opponent used it on you which in that case is highly unlikely.

Nevertheless if you did have your other Pokémon use Trick or Switcheroo or your opponent did use it on you to give you Leftovers, (after the Toxic Orb had activated of course and give you the badly poisoned ailment) you would be recovering 3/16 of your maximum HP back per turn.

Sources: Poison Heal, Toxic Orb, Leftovers, Trick, Switcheroo

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There is only one way this would work and it's not a single battle. Here it is:
Go! Gliscor and banette!
Gliscor used protect!
Banette used protect!
Gliscor was badly poisoned by the toxic orb!
Banette used trick!
(Gliscor got banettes leftovers and banette got gliscors toxic orb)
Banette was badly poisoned!

Then you could trick the toxic orb away to another Pokemon.
Hope this helps!

Couldn't any poison heal pokemon learn trick or switcheroo?
Sadly, no. You need another Pokemon to trick it away
Wait couldn't the gliscor hold the leftovers and the Banette use toxic on the gliscor to make poison heal,well, heal Gliscor?
yes, that also works.