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Using Fling with a Toxic Orb poisons, but does fling stay dark type and somehow bypass the typing? Or does it turn into a Poison type move and not Poison the foe?

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Fling itself is a Dark type move. Flinging a specific item will not change the type however, items like the Toxic/Burn Orb can't take effect at immunities like Fire/Steel/Poison types. The type of the move does not change so those types will take damage from Fling but won't be taking the effects of the Orbs.

Tell me if I made this confusing. Hope it helped!

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Ahhhh there goes my toxic-wall destroying strategy non-existant :/ but thanks for being clear on the answer :)
Welcome :P
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I had the same question and tested Fling and Toxic Orb with a Salazzle that had Corrosion on a Registeel. This worked and probably means Pokémon with Corrosion could also cause Fling to poison if they hold a Poison Barb.