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I want to know if a Ditto can lose it's status condition by transforming into a Pokemon that can't have that status condition. An example is a badly poisoned ditto transforming into a Zacian-crowned. Is the Ditto still poisoned? Does it take damage from poison?

No it doesnt. One it's happened to me before, and two steel and poison type PREVENTS Ir from being poisoned, not heals the poisioning

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If a Pokémon is poisoned while not Poison- or Steel-type (such as while affected by a type-changing move or before evolving into a Poison-type or Steel-type Pokémon), it will remain poisoned.
Pokémon with the Ability Immunity cannot be poisoned. Pokémon with the Comatose Ability and Minior in Meteor Form are completely immune to being poisoned.

Acquiring the ability Immunity cures Poison, or like gaining Insomnia or Vital Spirit wakes up a sleeping Pokemon, however changing type doesn't cure poison

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As you can see, it isn't healed and it does take damage

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