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I am way to sick of poison heal gliscor and their defense is huge please help.

use venoshock
or use ur name!!!(hex)

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Okay, This is actually quite simple.

Ice Beam

Now in all seriousness, Pretty much any Special Ice move can take him Down,

I highly Reccomend Ice Beam, but a strong HP Ice can do well too.

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Use gastro acid, thats a great idea because then he'll lose health instead of gaining health! Galvantula can have this, but his moves would be useless against Gliscor. How about Shuckle, though?
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  • Use a ghost pokemon like rotom. Give it a flame orb. Use trick. They will most likely have a toxic orb so the orbs switch which will burn it.
  • Use a pokemon like Haxorus with Mold Breaker.
  • Use Cofagrigus so Gliscor gets the ability Mummy.
  • Use Knock-Off
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i love the idea with mummy
Flame orb dosen't work because poison orb already poisoned it. You can't give a status condition if you already have one.
thats why you will probably trick it first
Before he gets poisoned is likely what he meant. It requires a bit of prediction and luck, but it can be done. Burning is probably just the most crippling. The same idea can be applied to a Specs or a Lagging Tail. However, it requires the Gliscor not have Protect.