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Okay. Gliscor with Poison Heal, Toxic Orb, and Facade. Is it a good idea?

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You can search it if it has that move on pokemondb. Or Bulbapedia.
What format? Also you do realize that facade with poison is weaker than STAB earthquake, right?
just free double battles both woth special allowed and not, but if its not a good idea, i won't work on getting a hidden ability gliscor, and i did look it up, it can learn. and qith poison, it can heal, tnats why its above earthquake.
Yes, but a Gliscor with poison heal and earthquake can heal just as much as a Gliscor with poison heal and facade.
but the poison heal can benifit 2 things, and facades 2x power boost (from 70 to 140) over comes the 100 power of earth quake, correct me if i  wrong or forgot something.
Earthquake is the same type as Gliscor and therefore gets STAB when using it, which makes it's Power 150. Earthquake also hits multiple Pokémon at once in Doubles, and does Super Effective Damage to certain Pokémon. But like sumwun said, Landorus-T is much better. :P
oh, so that what STAB means, i didn't know. thanks. playing this game for 12 years. thank you, that was helpful. how do i close this question?
As for really answering this question, I'd say this is outclassed by Landorus. Healing 1/8 HP is not very significant compared to the 2HKOs and OHKOs that are common in doubles, and Landorus has a much stronger physical attack stat and much more useful ability.
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Toxic Orb + Poison Heal has been a notoriously strong strategy ever since Breloom gained it in Generation 4 and Gliscor soon followed next generation. It heals more than Leftovers, can't be stopped by Knock Off unless Gliscor loses it switching in, and comes with the added boon of status immunity.
However, Facade isn't great on Gliscor and you're better off abusing STAB Earthquake. You might want to use moves like Toxic and Knock Off to cripple would-be walls, and using Roost to increase your own longevity.

Looking at the comments, this seems to be for doubles. Landorus-T is significantly better there due to being able to secure many OHKOs or 2HKOs along with a much stronger Earthquake. Gliscor's health recovery is insignificant in doubles and Gliscor itself is much weaker offensively.