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so I am playing through platinum and hatched the togepie having hustle the worst ability for it.my other best flying type starter option is staraptor the regional bird meaning early aces and crobat also pretty early but bad way to get to final stage please help because I can't make up my mind both are damn strong and get strong moves like close combat and cross poison.please help.

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First of all, Hustle doesn't reduce the accuracy of Special moves (in my experience).


  • Awesome bulk
  • Good SpA of 120.
  • It gets access of Air Slash, Aura Sphere by level up and Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Roost... (breath) by TMs.
  • Relatively difficult to get a good natured mon (you wouldn't want a Jolly Togekiss, if you care...), cause it is obtained from an egg.
  • Friendship evolution for the second stage.


  • Hits like a monster truck.
  • Solid 120 Atk stat.
  • Gets access of Brave Bird, Close Combat... what else is needed?
  • Available Early.
  • Awesome ability of Intimidate.


  • Awesome speed (130)
  • Not so good moves (best stab is Fly, without breeding)
  • Mediocre attack stats (90 and 70)
  • Friendship evolution

If you don't care about Friendship, then Togekiss is fine. But Staraptor is obviously the boss here. Go for Staraptor.

Ability: Intimidate
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- Return / Defog
- Roost

Hope this helps :)

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I know but all its ability will do is reduce its accuracy
It doesn't harm anything right? Crobat's Inner Focus is also not that great. It does almost nothing. However, I say that you can go for star birb.
hustle is an ability that reduces the accuracy for attack but togekiss is special attacker so it only reduces it accuracy so that is why I don't want an hustle togekiss
Just wanna point out, double edge is an egg move on Raptor so you'll have to settle with return. Also, I agree with this. Friendship evolutions are stupid
Oh right I was confused with RBY. Thanks for pointing it out.
Hustle has no effect on special moves. It does not reduce their accuracy. Staraptor is still the best flying Pokemon, though.
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Since there is no Fairy types in Gen 4 games, Poison types are only strong against Grass types. But Crobat has very high speed. But Staraptor is cool and Ash's. It can also learn strong moves like Close Combat. And Crobat has a Psychic weakness which Staraptor doesn't have. So, Crobat is weak against Lucian (Elite 4). Staraptor also has a high attack.

So, decide wisely, what role is Staraptor/Crobat is gonna play.

If you want it to be a speedster, use Crobat.
If you want it to be an Attacker, use Staraptor.

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