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My Current team is

  1. Infernape

I want to use gallade

If you're already past the pastoria gym, then ditch Luxray. That thing is of no further use after Wake so you can replace it with Weavile

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Go with Staraptor.

Availability: Very Early
Stats: Above average
Movepool: Wide
Additional Comments: Has a very high Attack and Speed stat and learns powerful moves upon level up such as Close Combat and Brave Bird.

Availability: Late
Stats: Above average
Movepool: Shallow
Additional Comments: Available too late in the game and has a shallow movepool.


Weavile does not have a good movepool, and it comes very late. Its only physical Ice-type option, Ice Punch isn't level up and only a tutor move. Meanwhile, Staraptor has a great movepool consisting of Brave Bird, Close Combat, Return (by TM), etc. etc. Its also available very early, which means raising it isn't a hard task at all.

Staraptor @ anything
- Brave Bird
- Return
- Close Combat
- Fly / Defog

Also, you can teach Floatzel Ice Beam / Ice Punch, which can do pretty much entire of Weavile's role in dealing with Garchomp.

Hope this helps!

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Just so you know, the source you're using is very inconsistent (eg. it puts Bidoof in top and Tropius in bottom even though both are great HM slaves and suck at battling) and sometimes inaccurate (ie. it says Yanma comes very late in the game). I think this is often better: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/dppt-in-game-tier-list-thread-v2.3680289/
Noted, thank you
Excuse me ! Weavile is so good for late game and especially for cynthia

[email protected] Melt Ice
Nature : Adamant
Trait : Pressure

Swords dance ( tm in game corner )
Ice punch ( move tutor in west pastoria )
Night slash ( lvl up by weavile at 35 )
X scissor ( route 221 )

Not saying staraptor is bad , it is very good ingame , but id say use the weavile for the especially tough cynthia as well as lucian ( aside from bronzong ) and bertha ( excluding groundfish ) and arons vespiqun and yanmega
Also even though you have gabite ( eventually garchomp ) cynthias might outspeed and ohko u with a dragon rush , which is quite nasty . Weavile is one of the few pokemon to handle the pseudo

I say ditch the zel as weavile does everything it does ( use the zel for surf and waterfall)