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I have Togepi and Staravia in my Platinum Playthrough, which one I use?

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what was your rest of your team?
Bidoof (as a HM slave)
If your Togepi has the ability Hustle, don't use it. Hustle is completely useless on a Togepi.

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I'd suggest Staraptor over Togekiss for in-game playthrough, although you do end up with 3 physical and 2 special Pokemon. However if you plan on including Giratina then you'll have a special attacker as well, as you're probably not going to use Bibarel for the E4.

Staraptor is very fast and hits hard with strong STAB moves and doesn't require you to have any other prerequisites for evolution ~~(like making Togetic learn Ancient Power)~~ (like the high friendship and a shiny stone).

A moveset of Fly, Return, Close Combat, and Quick Attack would be great for use in game.

Overall I feel Staraptor would get more damage off on your opponents than a Togekiss.

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Also fyi, you can get a Medicham directly in the wild just before Snowpoint City.
Togekiss requires high friendship and a shiny stone, not ancient power. They're still more annoying than Staraptor's level requirements.
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Seems your team was mainly Psychical attackers, Togepi was more suggested.
Togepi will evolve to Togekiss, and which receives a wonderful movepool and stat, could receives some damage from the other due to its decent great Defense stat of 85 / 95 / 115 and could give others unexcept damage due to its huge SpA of 120.
Moveset suggestion:

Togekiss @ Sharp Beak / Whatever you want
Suggest Ability: Serene Grace
- Air Slash
- Aura Sphere
- Flamethrower
- Psychic
Air Slash was it's stab, and opponent will just flinch and flinch by it, if you are lucky enough, you could hit opponent without taking damage. Auro Sphere and rest of the move all got good BP, and was for coveraging.

Hope I help !!!

Staraptor's physical attack is just as strong as Togekiss's special attack, and Staraptor is much easier to evolve. Starly learns wing attack long before Togepi learns any attack moves. Staraptor's fly and close combat have higher base power than Togekiss's air slash and aura sphere.