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I am currently trying to beat Pokemon Platinum and finally beat a Pokemon game! But the thing is, Im indecisive on what Flying type Pokemon I should put in my team. Please suggest some.

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Why won't you use legendaries?
I think we already established that the answer is Staraptor, but now I can't find that answer.
@Herba You can't catch any flying legendaries before beating the game.
@Herba Personally for me, legendaries makes the game less fun. I want to beat it fairly.

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So, here's the quick version, the other one is huge, and you can see it if you want by clicking on the edited button.

Most number of highest Stats: Togekiss
Best Defenses: Gyarados
Best Movepool: Tie Between Altaria, and Gyarados(Very Close Second/Tie, Staraptor)
Best Abilities: Gyarados/Staraptor(they both have the same one.)
Easiest to Evolve to final Stage: Staraptor

HOWEVER, A Few Notes,
1. In-game, defenses don't matter a lot, it's all about the offense, and who can do more damage faster, and Staraptor's top stats are in Attack and Speed, so that changes things.
2. Staraptor gains most of it's super good moves from Level Up, the easiest form of move learning, making it even more convienient and good to have.

So, the winner, is Staraptor, as it has good stats, and great movepool for In-Game, and is more convenient to get and evolve. Also, Gyarados can't learn Fly, Staraptor can, so choose Staraptor.

Final Answer: STARAPTOR
Source: Lots of cross refrencing between the pages of this site.

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I just realized this answer is super long, Pokerain, feel free to skip to the bottom if you don't want to read it all.
I will shorten it, I assume this is why it was downvoted.
It has now been shortened quite a bit, is it good now?
Refresh please if you haven't, to see the shortened version.
This wasn't downvoted because it was long. The thing is, defenses don't really matter in-game. Staraptor hits hard and gets the highest speed of these, so it's best to use. Also, Natural Cure is nowhere good as Intimidate. Status isn't that common in-game as compared to the useful Attack drop. Serene Grace might be appealing, but Togekiss' speed is just average. Surely, Altaria and Gyarados' movepool is better (or what you think) but Earthquake is only obtained by TM. Staraptor gets the best of its movepool by level, eg. Brave Bird, Close Combat, etc.
Ah, okay, I was debating whether or not to put that Defences don't matter much, but decided against it, also, it's 100% Staraptor now, I'll also add what you said to the answer, if you don't mind.
I added/took away some stuff Inferno, also, I'm not gonna come back today, I'll see your response to my comments tomorrow.
Thanks! I already knew Staraptor was strong but I was wondering if there was another flying type that is stronger than Staraptor. But it seems like Staraptor is the strongest so I"ll use it on my team.