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Self explanitory. Also, just cause they are sitting on the ground doesn't mean they can't fly (toucannon for example)

Do you mean Pokemon that can't learn Fly?
No like ya know gyrados? It can't actually fly. So I guess in a way they can't learn fly?
Ok well clearer one would be mantine. It can't fly, but it's part flying type. What are all the other pokemon like this?
So check all dex entries for mentions of flight, and if there aren't any, then they can't fly?
I guess yeah

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Mantine, Gyarados, Dodrio, Mantyke, Doduo, Vullaby, Archen, Archeops, and Hawlucha cannot fly.

Mantine and Mantyke can't fly, unless you count flying in the water as flight. The video below will show you manta rays "flying". It is possible that Game Freak gave them the flying type to reference the behavior


hawlucha can glide, not fly

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Ok thanks!