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It doesn't do extra damage like other moves. The main downside to this is that most pokemon that learn fly are flying types, so they are likely resistant anyway.

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Hang on let me test this. Stand by for edited answer. this couldtake awhile, I have to go through have the elite 4 in my ruby. 1st person down. 2nd person down. thx, groudon and Blaziken 3rd person down.
Finally, Its still the same as if they hadnt used fly, not very effective to flying types.

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That Swampert would be hard for me to beat. It is effective against every Pokemon I use except Milotic.
Yeah, hes awesome. My only Lvl 100 pokemon currently. Had a whole team of lvl 100s in red, but the internal saving battery died. Lost lv 100 dragonite charizard, zapdos, moltres, articuno and mewtwo.
I hate that in the earlier games. That's why I transfer all my Pokemon on the Advance to my HeartGold and Pearl.
Tell me about it. I feel bad for the people who only have dsis and cant migrate.
I had both, but I sold my ds lite. I wouldn't have, but my sisters both have old ds's/ds lites.
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Same as it would be normally, I think