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In the Pokédex entry of FireRed, X, etc. it is mentioned that it very rarely spreads it wings to fly. It also had flied in the anime. Why it can't learn fly? Even a Pidgey can learn Fly why Scyther not? Please don't tell Game Freak logic. It makes sense that Scizor can't learn as it is now part steel, it is now heavier and much slower. But is not Scyther blindingly fast as mentioned in Pokedex entries?

Yes you're right, even a Volcarona can learn fly... but..... I dunno why is it so.
Game Freak logic
Game Freak logic really is the best answer you're gonna get. Just because a Pokemon has wings doesn't mean it's going to learn Fly. Pidgey can learn Fly because it is a bird, which I feel is very logical as, y'know, birds kinda do that sometimes. Also, if Scyther could learn Fly, Scizor also could, for reasons that are obvious, though I don't think that has anything to do with Scyther not learning Fly. Game Freak has made decisions that are more questionable.

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I think it is more about Bug types not learning Fly in general. The only bug types that can learn fly are Genesect, which has been shown to be strong enough to carry Ash and fly in the Anime, Vikivolt, and Volcorona, both of which kind of glides around like Whimiscott/Eldegoss as well as being heavier Bug type; heavy enough to carry a ten year old but light enough to float. :P

Also, if Scyther can Fly, so can Scizor, despite being unable to fly. :P

Source: EXP, Typing /ds bug, fly, natdex in Showdown! :P

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Scyther is fast,but it's wings are for acceleration,not for taking a human on it.

U see,what can those thin membranous wings do? It is like a glass cannon.
Easily gets OHKOed. So it cannot learn fly

I think you're right!! I searched about a lot of flying types that've thin wings. Yes! Those guys also can't learn fly
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You partially answered the question yourself. The only reason why it would make any sense for Scyther to NOT learn fly is because it’s evolution Scizor can not possibly fly.

How? Even Pidgey and Volcarona can learn fly. Volcarona learns Fly doesn't mean necessarily that Larvesta learns Fly.
what are you trying to say Swastik
If Scyther can learn fly, Scizor can automatically learn fly. I think game freak also has something against bug types learning fly. :P
The "Scyther can't learn Fly because Scizor doesn't use its wings for flying" logic is flawed because Scizor was not one of the original 151 Pokemon, while Scyther was. I don't think that Scizor has anything to do with this.