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"It flies at speeds equal to a jet fighter plane. It never allows its prey to escape."
Do I need to say anything else?

(I do not want to see "That's the way Game Freak wanted it")

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Well, there is no absolute answer (except for the taboo "because GameFreak wanted it that way") but here is my theory.

Garchomp's deisgn looks aerodynamic, but it has no way of flying high into the air, which is required to use Fly. I think that the pokedex entries simply means it can move very fast, maybe even just off the ground, but it can't get the lift required for true flight.

Also, notice that it does get Aerial Ace (a lot of non-Flying Pokemon do, though). Aerial Ace is different as (I imagine) it can be performed by a Pokemon that can jump well.

He can learn Aerial Ace because his wings allow him to make enough air to slice through metal!
Thanks Meloetta!
I think GameFreak wanted to exclude Pokemon from learning the move fly, without acctually being a flying type. Of course yot have exceptions in the form of bug/flying types and some Pokemon with levitate (flygon). I understand your confusion, becouse I think it is really cool to fly on a Garchomp (like in the anime), but I can't becouse of the reasons above
Pokemon Sun dex description    "It can fly at speeds rivaling jet planes. It dives into flocks of bird Pokémon and gulps the entire flock down whole."
Pokemon Ultra Sun dex description   "It flies at the speed of sound while searching for prey, and it has midair battles with Salamence as the two compete for food."    
Myth busted.
That's just what the SM Pokédex says. Busted? Maybe. Debunked? Not even close.