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Why can you only Fly from them to towns or cities?

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire you can fly to routes.
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Notice, you can only to Pokemon Centers and your home. So some routes with a Pokemon Center you can fly to, like Route 4 in the Kanto Region.

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I don't think there's an official answer on this, but it's probably due to logistics.

If you could fly to routes, where would you land on the route? Could you fly to anywhere on the route, or would you have to fly to one specific point? If you could fly to anywhere on that route, is it determined randomly, or do you get to pick the square you want to fly to (which would involve more coding & graphics)? If you flew to one specific point, wouldn't that essentially be like flying to a Poke center anyway?
Also, what about tunnel/ cave routes, like Mt. Coronet or Victory Road? And then what about the Badge Check routes in BW &B2W2? Where would you land in those places?

All towns are linked to routes anyway, so just fly to the town nearest to the route you want to go. Besides, flying to anywhere would kinda make the game too easy.

As if the game wasn't easy enough.
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Consider this from the perspective of the Pidgey or Golurk or not Scyther that your flying on. What's easier to remember, see, and land on

A: A city that's one of a small group which dominates the landscape around it. This city has many individual characteristics that distinguish it from neighboring cities and towns, and has no hostile Pokemon or natural impediment. It also features a variety of services such easily accessible health care and supply store(s)

B: One of multiple similar routes often featuring harsh weather such as hail or sandstorms and natural obstacles such as mountains, forests or large bodies of water. Not to mention an infinite amount of hostile wild Pokemon prepared to fight you until they can't get up

It would appear that option A, cities and towns, are far more suitable places to fly too, and that most routes do not make acceptable locations to land. As such, it makes sense that most of the time, your Pokemon can only fly to places of civilization. Hope this helps.

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Here is my theory. Before we get to it though, the logical answer is that there are no healing resources on the routes. (In some games, your mother heals your Pokemon. That's why I don't say Pokemon Center) Well, on most of them anyway. Normally, when you are alone on a route and you have tired Pokemon you would like to fly to a healing resource.

My Very First Illogical Theory! :O

Your Pokemon would like to fly to somewhere bright. Notice how the Pokemon Center's roofs have an incredibly bright red (and somewhat orange in DS games) colour that Pokemon would find straight away. A lot of houses in the series have red roofs, however the Pokemon Centers probably have the most red houses. It should also be noted that Castelia City's Pokemon Center is at the bottom of a big building and so it's roof cannot be seen, which negates my theory here.

And really, Pokemon Centers only appear in major places. Some places like the Rock Cave in Kanto and the Union Cave in Johto have a Pokemon Center, as well as Mt. Silver. All these caves have Pokemon Centers because they are rather big.

Yeah... I was watching a video when I was writing this and I'm too lazy to check so can someone edit this? Lol. xD

Hope I helped. :)

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OMG, my first illogical theory. xD