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best flying type Pokemon excluding legendaries?

  • must be from gen 1 to gen 5
  • can be a mono or dual type
  • give a good reason for your choice
  • provide movesets, abilities and held items

(( this is for my gameplay in black 2 ))

I think Sigilyph is the best. It has good stats and a bunch of useful attacks.
Swanna is one of the best in Unova, as can learn a bunch of helpful HM's and is pretty strong

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I’d go with Swanna. It’s a good HM Pokémon, and has equal Attack and Sp. Attack. Plus a decent Speed too, makes it a decent Pokémon for many needs.

HM Pokémon
Ability: Big Pecks
Held Item: Mystic Water
Moveset: Dive, Fly, Surf, Hurricane/Steel Wing

Sp. Sweeper
Ability: Hydration
Held Item: Damp Rock
Moveset: Rain Dance, Scald, Hurricane, Ice Beam

Physical Sweeper
Ability: Hydration
Held Item: Damp Rock
Moveset: Brave Bird, Rest, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing

Ablility: Hydration
Held Item: Damp Rock
Moveset: Toxic, Rest, Hurricane, Scald

Hope this helps

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Swanna is unlikely to learn brave bird or hurricane before the game ends, and stallers are usually not worth using because they slow down the game. I think Swanna would be best at using a mixed set, because surf and fly, its 2 best STABs, are different categories. The last 2 slots can be ice beam, dive, or roost.
i forgot to respond to this earlier,, but this acc helped me a lot with my game ! i swept a lot of teams with your suggestions during the journey (mainly when it was my last hope in battles hehe) and had fun while using it
thank you for helping out ! :)
No problem! Glad I could assist.