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I'm guessing you want them to be attacking moves?

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In Platinum, the Pokemon that can learn both Rock and Flying type moves is Gliscor and Giratina.
Rock Moves:
By level up: 0
By TM: Rockslide, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, and Rock Polish
By Breeding: 0

Flying Moves:
By level up: Acrobatics
By TM: Aerial Ace, Acrobatics (again), and Roost
By Breeding: Wing Attack

Rock Moves:
By level up: Ancient Power
By TM: Stone Edge
(Cannot Breed)

Flying Moves:
By level up: 0
By TM: Aerial Ace and Fly
(Cannot Breed)

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Vespiquen can also learn Flying and rock moves through level up.  It gets Power Gem, Gust, and Air Slash.
This is what I got from searching only aerial ace and rock slide.
Absol, Aggron, Aron, Bagon, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Cubone, Dialga, Diglett, Dragonite, Drapion, Dugtrio, Empoleon, Gabite, Gallade, Garchomp, Gible, Gligar, Gliscor, Heracross, Hitmontop, Infernape, Kangaskhan, Kecleon, Lairon, Mantine, Mantyke, Marowak, Metagross, Metang, Monferno, Nidoqueen, Palkia, Primeape, Salamence, Shelgon, Skarmory, Slaking, Slakoth, Smeargle, Tangrowth, Tyranitar, Vigoroth
So, yeah, there's probably something missing from your answer.
My bad lol