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yes mega_septile is still active he was online yesterday.

Hey, it's not like I have to time to keep track of this stuff.
Must it originate from gen six?
Hey grunt in the future use the comment section for these kinds of things rather than the answer.

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Pokemon in Generation 6 that can learn Ice, Electric, Rock and Ground type moves, excluding hidden power, in order of national dex number:

I hope this helps. :)

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What's the source?
I mainly used Pokemon Showdown. I started at Chespin and just went up by number. I just searched for an ice type/electric type move for most of these since they are less common than rock/ground moves, then checked for all four types if they did know electric/ice type moves. Some of these, like Carbink, only have status moves for a certain type.

Why? Did I miss one?
Not really. It's just that I'm naturally suspicious that not enough quality gets put into things, especially in making big lists.