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Just wondering because it will hit 616 Pokemon Super effectively and 162 normal Effectively

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Hawlucha can learn moves of all four of those types. It can learn Flying Press, Aerial Ace, Thunderpunch, and Dig.

Arceus can also learn moves of those types. Earth Power, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Flying, and Focus Blast.

Arcanine with Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Wild Charge and Bulldoze.

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Thank you ,which would you select to use ?
i think mew might
also ditto with the rage glitch
source: bulbapedia
Maybe Hawlucha. I'm not one for using legendaries and Arcanine isn't amazing. Plus, you won't get hurt by earthquake when you use dig on Hawlucha thanks to it being a Flying type :)
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Actually, Chimchar, Monferno and Infernape can learn these moves.

Let's see how-


Dig- By TM 28.


Focus Punch- By TM 01.


Aerial Ace- By TM 40


Thunder Punch- By Egg Move.

To get Thunder Punch you'll need 2 of these Pokemon= Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, Ampharos, Electivire or Magmortar. Then breed them with a Chimchar, Monferno or an Infernape
to get Thunder Punch. But with a Hitmonchan with Brick Break as a move would really do and
the baby chimchar will get both brick break and thunder punch !

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Blaziken is much better with this it can learn
Thunder Punch
Brave Bird
And many fighting type moves

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You do realize this question was both asked and answered last year right?