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I know that ground and fighting both are effective against 5 types but which is effective against more Pokemon and is there a type that hits more Pokemon than fighting or ground?


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  • Fighting: 180 Super Effective
  • Ground: 150 Super Effective

Fighting does.

Ice hits more Pokemon Super Effective, at 194.
Rock is in 2nd with 189.

Source (Make sure to subtract Levitate Pokemon)

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What about fighting
Edited. I read Flying lol
I think he meant what type hits the most of other types, not how many Pokemon it hits SE. If I'm correct, then this an easily looked up question and possibly deserving of down votes. If Mew is correct, it's still easily looked up, but acceptable.
In the Q, he mentioned effectiveness against types, so he meant Super Effective.
Mews answer is correct I already asked the other question
So Ice DOES hit more my theory was correct