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I mean think about it these pokemon:excadrill,steelix and lucario are a mix of the most defencive and offencive types(steel,ground and fighting) so shouldent they be super pokemon because PO i never see them.

I don't know much about Tiers but all I can think is because people intend to find more thrill by using inferior Pokemons, It's like not using too much legendaries since they are already very strong.

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Well only steelix is defsive and it still runs offencive sets but as for the question.
-Excadrill months ago was moved to uber thanks to its great atk and decent speed and its capabilitys of sweeping teams in sand tanks to sand force and sand rush making it far to powerfull for ou which by the sounds of it you were batteling with.
-Steelix is the opposite of excadrill it is in one of the lowest tiers thanks to it shallow movepool and not special atk, though it is good for getting up stealth rocks thanks to a monster def.
-Lucario im not sure wether lucario is still ou but its typing allows it to be crippled and kod very easy.
Though it still hits hard especially in sand, people dont like it for its tier.

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