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Here's one thing I don't get.

Rocks can't do much damage to fighters, rocks won't hurt the ground, rocks won't harm metal, but rocks can hurt water. This makes no sense.

When you throw a rock in the water, the rock will sink and eventually wear away.

Also, why doesn't Grass resist Rock? Rocks can't do much damage to plants.

I don't want "Game Freak logic" as an answer.

Rocks are weak to water
Game Freak logic
Seriously, it's usually a waste of time to complain about video games that don't make sense. Different people think different things make sense, so you should expect game designers to make some decisions that you disagree with. It's totally okay to think Pokemon is stupid, but if you do, then you'll probably have more fun by playing a different game than complaining on a Pokemon fan site.
Haha ur right

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I’ll take a stab at this.
Looking at natural phenomenon, rockslides can destroy vegetation growing on mountainsides, such as a huge boulder ripping a tree out of the ground. A thrown stone disrupts the water, so it affects it in some way and if stone is laid in the right way, can dam water for a significant amount of time.
Ultimately, in real life, there’s not a lot of examples where rock would be ineffective against plants or water. So I believe Game Freak decided that in order to balance the games and because of what I mentioned above, they made Rock effective against Grass and Water.

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This is a very logical answer. Thanks.
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Huge Crags can crush plants into pulp so rocks should be super effective against grass why not?. If Rock is thrown at a fighter he'll break it,same fate if it falls on steel. Plants break it slowly,so does water. That's why it deals normal damage to plants and water.
In weathering sunlight has an important role. So does ice. Then why are rocks super effective against fire and ice? It's just imagination.
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Maybe cuz huge rocks crush ice, and throwing rocks at fire makes it smaller because of less oxygen?
Yes thats the logic
Huge things can do many things.
The typings is all imagination.