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None? (filler)
Stoutland maybe
True I sweeped a guy with a stoutland after he sent out tyranitar

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Cacturne - Sand Veil

Heliolisk - Sand Veil

Herdier - Sand Rush

Stoutland - Sand Rush

Other than that, Pokémon with Weather Ball can possibly benefit from it, as it turns Weather Ball in to a Rock type move. Pokémon with abilities such as Overcoat and Magic Coat gives them immunity to sandstorm damage would also benefit, as it only affects the opponent(if they are not immune to it themselves). Solar Beam's power is halved during a sandstorm, so Pokémon who are weak to grass will also benefit.
The moves Moonlight, Morning Sun and Synthesis only heal 1/4 of a Pokémon's HO in sandstorm, so it benefits your whole team if the opponent has a Pokémon with one of these moves.

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Slight error though
Heliolisk is electric GROUND type which is against what i asked
No, it's Electric Normal.