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I am playing pixelmon on minecraft and it is a duplicate (replica) of real Pokemon games/anmie,
and on one server I am the fire gym leader, and my friend is ghost so I have trouble beating him due to type advg. and I want a fire type (i can only use fire types as fire gym leader) that can have a dragon type move or ground (ground as in other things) to have a better chance to beat his dark and ghost types. I'm not the best a Pokemon logic , Pokemon, so I need a fire type that can learn any ground // rock // dragon type move. Thanks!


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Blaziken can learn Sand Attack, but this move only lowers the accuracy of the target.
I've never played Pixelmon myself, but if there is TMs, Blaziken can be taught the following Ground Type moves:
•TM26 Earthquake, Physical (Power-100, Accuracy-100)
•TM28 Dig, Physical (Power-80, Accuracy-100)
•TM78 Bulldoze, Physical (Power-60, Accuracy-100)

As far as I know, Blaziken cannot learn any Dragon Type moves.

Blaziken can learn these Rock Type moves though:
•TM39 Rock Tomb, Physical (Power-60, Accuracy-95)
•TM71 Stone Edge, Physical (Power-100, Accuracy-80)
•TM80 Rock Slide, Physical (Power-75, Accuracy-90)

If your friend is a Ghost Type Gym Leader, you could catch a Hoondoom, which is a Dark/Fire Type. Dark Types are super effective against Ghost Types. I don't know if you can, but the Litwick evolution chain is full of Fire/Ghost Types. Ghost types are super effective against Ghost types as well. Blaziken being a Fighting type cannot be hit by Ghost attacks anyway.

       Hope this helps,
Fighting types aren't immune to Ghost. Ghost is immune to fighting yes, but not the other way around - Normal types are the ones immune to Ghost. Check again if you don't believe me.
Also Blaziken learns Dual Chop as a dragon type move.
Oh yeah! Whoops. Sorry, I almost completetly forgot. :) Sempiternus
too bad they dont have houndoom..
and no abilities......
adn accuracy of 1hit moves are 80 instead of 30..
Thanks a lot! this really helps, I'll try this out tomorrow. ~Firephantom
Btw earthquake had no effect on Gengar (my friend's poke.) O.o anyone know whats going on.?
Gengar has an ability called Levitate that resembles the effect of Ground Types against Flying Types. Sorry I was late, I lost my phone for a little bit XD