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Did you forget that this site had this tool??

I checked for Pokemon that can learn both, and the only one that popped up is Corsola. Smeargle is, as J98 said, common knowledge.

Corsola can learn both moves at the same time as well.

  • Aqua Ring: Learns this move at Level 37.

  • Ingrain: Learns this move by breeding.

  • Father: Lileep or Cradily that knows Ingrain
  • Mother: Corsola


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can they be used same time?
check my edited answer.
UberPwnage, he comment saying can they both be USED at the same time.
oo. Well, yes they can be used at the same time. I have read nothing to suggest otherwise.
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Yes and yes. The Pokemon who can learn them both is Smeargle.

Source: Experience and common knowledge.