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I’m wondering what will generate more hp, Aqua ring while holding a bigroot or Aqua ring holding leftovers. I believe Aqua ring and leftovers by themselves both heal 1/16th of max health per turn. Aqua ring + Bigroot is 1/12th of max hp per turn. So would Aqua ring + Leftovers heal 1/8th per turn? Making that the better choice? I’m not sure if I’m doing the math right. Please I could use some help, thanks guys.


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If a Big Root is held by the user, the amount of HP restored at the end of each turn will increase by 30%.

So a big root makes aqua ring 1.3 times as effective. 1/16 per turn times 1.3 is 13/160, which is less than the 1/8 per turn that you get from leftovers. Leftovers is the best item. Remember that.

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Ok thank you. So I was on the right track then.
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Big root boosts hp stealing moves. Aqua ring does not steal hp from the opponent. So leftovers it is.

Did you read the other answer?