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my moveset is:
-Sleep powder
-Leech seed
-Giga drain

My plan is to use sleep powder, then leech seed, and set up sub. Then just giga drain until they wake up and sleep powder again, then giga drain... until they are fainted

I'm thinking either leftovers or big root for more HP regiaining, but which do you recommend I use? Big root doubles the leech seed regeneration, but does it overcome normal leech seed + leftovers? And would giga drain + lefotvers or giga drain + big root recover more? (on average, I have max 1V's and 252sp.def 252 def and 4sp.atk EVs)

big root only increases the healing by 30%.  for the question on a whole i think you'd probably come out even(or close to) vs things you do normal damage to using either damage, while big root would come out ahead on super effective hits and leftovers would be ahead on not very effective hits.  but it all depends on if you would end up averaging more than 21 health regained a turn from big root because that is how much you will be guaranteed every turn with leftovers based on your tangrowth.

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Leftovers will regain more HP on Tangrowth per turn than Big Root Leech Seed. The Big Root can be a better item if you're making effective use of Giga Drain, but this is unreliable since the move can be not very effective. If you go up against a grass type then your only moves are Substitute and Giga Drain (not very effective). In addition, Sap Sapper will make your Tangrowth as useful as the move Struggle after a very long stall. Regenerator helps, but this is a difficult set to use. Without changing the moveset, Leftovers is the more reliable recovery option.

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