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Not specific, Do you mean have Aqua Ring And InGrain Be on at the Same time and stack?
I have a question that is similar to this one, but one move is different. Is there a Pokémon that can learn leech seed and aqua ring, or can be breed and have leech seed and aqua ring as egg moves?
Corsola can learn both Aqua Ring and Ingrain. I think you should have made a new post instead of posting on this one though.

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If you're asking, say, can you baton pass Aqua Ring and then use the move again to heal more, no.

If you're asking if, e.g., a Smeargle can use Ingrain and then Aqua Ring to heal more HP, then yes, the two moves will stack.

EDIT: so I guess you're asking if you can use Aqua Ring/ Ingrain multiple times? The answer is no; you can only use it once and it will fail if you try to use it again.

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Am I wrong in interpreting what you're asking? It wasn't too clear to me.
the word aqua ring and stack go good together to me :P
dude. hide your answer before you get more downvotes
People who downvoted this are the idiots
This is correct, he explained the question that can have two meanings
Both ingrain OR aqua ring can be stacked, or ingrain AND aqua ring can be stacked
he edited it, foolish child