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Gender: Male
Country: Brazil
Favorite Pokémon: Vaporeon, I guess?
Friend Codes:
About me: Favorite Pokémon by type:
Water: Vaporeon
Electric: Jolteon & Yamper & Luxio
Fire: Flareon & Victini & Fennekin
Psychic: Espeon & Victini
Dark: Umbreon & Greninja
Grass: Leafeon & Grass Starters
Ice: Glaceon & Eiscue
Fairy: Sylveon & Togetic
Normal: Eevee
Ground: Phanpy & Donphan
Steel: Cufant & Copperajah
Ghost: Decidueye
Poison: Scolipede & Ariados
Bug: Ariados & Durant
Fighting: Chesnaught & Lucario
Dragon: Flygon
Rock: Rockruff & Lycanroc (Day)
Flying: Togetic

Favorite Pokémon Rank:
1°: Phanpy & Donphan
2°: Vaporeon
3°: Grass & Water Starters

Starters I would choose:
Kanto: Bulbasaur
Johto: Chikorita or Totodile
Hoenn: Mudkip
Sinnoh: Turtwig
Unova: Oshawott
Kalos: Froakie
Alola: Rowlet or Popplio
Galar: Sobble or Grookey

I'm a 10 year old smart kid. When I grow up, I want to be a biologist. I like animals a lot, and I know a lot about them too. My favorite animal is the elephant. They're smart. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is mashed potatoes.

Favorite type: Ground and Grass
Least favorite type: Fighting, Ghost and Dark (However I like Decidueye, Greninja, Umbreon, Breloom, Virizion, Emboar and Pignite).
Favorite Region: Johto
Favorite Mega: Mega Blastoise, Swampert, Sharpedo and Audino.
Favorite Gigantamax Form: Gigantamax Copperajah

I'll tell you a story. But not today, because I just had the idea now. And it's hard for me to speak in english, because I'm from Brazil.

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Thank you for helping with my Pokémon GO quest! I sent you a gift as a thanks for helping me out!
Jan 26 by The EEVEE Collector
hii. welcome.
Aug 23, 2019 by sumwun
Welcome to the Database :)
Aug 22, 2019 by KRLW890