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The list is really long.
Absol learns megahorn and night slash.
Absol can learn bug moves like X-scissor or Megahorn and can also learn dark moves like night slash ,bite and sucker punch.

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I think most bug type Pokemon learn bug and dark moves but if you're looking for a competitive Pokemon, I suggest Crustle due to it's very high attack and defense. Hydreigon is also super good of course. But like Sumwun said the list is way too long. So just look at some Pokemon and see if their moveset suits your needs.

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There are more than 6 Pokemon that fit the criteria. How does an answer mentioning six Pokemon completely answer the question?
I believe 6 Pokemon is better than not answering the question at all like you did so. And because 6 is a whole team of pokemon amd two of them can be used competitively which was probably why the question was answered. All you did was comment the list was too long but no one gave you crap for that now did they?
Nobody gave him crap for saying that the list was too long because he didn't use it as an answer.
If you have an answer that is incomplete but still helpful, then you should post it as a comment. Don't answer unless the answer is correct and complete.
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