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You can get a Grubbin on Route 1, it learns Mud Slap but it has pretty low base damage. Also Wishiwashi is a beast (in school form) this early in the game. Its found in Brooklet Hill (water trial area)

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Mudbray is a really good choice. It can be found on Route 4, 6, 12, and Paniola Ranch, all before the fire trial. I myself actually OHKO'ed the totem Salazzle with bulldoze, making it my easiest trial. Hope I helped!

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Same, a fragile totem with a 4x weakness isn't really hard, I would have liked a totem marowak (even though the whole trial is dancing marowak)
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this little stinker can do some pretty good damage to that totem salazzle, if its at lv 21 or higher(it learns bonemerang)
plus, salazzle takes X4 damage from ground type moves! cubone is conveniently found right in the wela volcano park, the place right before the trial! its found in both sun and moon, day and night. hope I helped!