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Mud-slap: Mudkip, Nincada, Aron
Magnitude: Geodude
Mud shot: Marshtomp
Bulldoze: Geodude
Since I haven't actually played ORAS, this answer may not be complete. I'm still almost sure it is.

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Bruh, you got the source wrong, I guess. That bit's about Experience, not Ground type moves.
If your experience has no ground type moves, that is if you have no experience with ground type moves, how do you know so much about Pokemon?
You have no idea how stupid I feel right now T-T

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My bad.
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Apart from the other answer, if you do not have a Marshstomp, i.e. if you picked Treecko, then get a Shroomish and evolve it to Breloom at level 23. At this level, it learn the all important Mach Punch, which as a Fighting type priority move, is very beneficial to your battle, as he has part-Steel type Pokemon.

This is not required if you have a Combusken with Double Kick. Or, with Marshstomp, just sweep through with Mud Shot. With Combusken and Breloom, remember to equip it with a Cheri Berry, because they will be paralyzed, and you can save a crucial turn. It is best to train above mentioned Breloom to about level 25 or 26.

Further, this might help in Gym 5 (Normal type). Also, just as a foresight, for Gym 4, if you don't have strong Water or Ground type Pokemon, please consider Marill (evolving into Azumarill) found just before, in the Fiery Path. This can be temporary.