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Sorry, but Trapinch is available in the desert in Route 111, which is inaccessible without Rock Smash. Unfortunately, you need to defeat Wattson to use Rock Smash.

As a good alternate, evolving Shroomish at level 23 gets you Breloom with Mach Punch, which is very effective against this part-Steel type Pokemon. Equip it with a Cheri Berry for maximum effect.

This is assuming you don't have Marshtomp or Combusken.

Source: Personal experience.

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Wouldn't it be easier to get a Geodude with bulldoze so it's super effective against all of his Pokemon? Why do you keep suggesting Shroomish?
Biased towards shrooms xD

 Plus it actually helps in the 5th gym too. Not to mention, it's easy to find, and relatively quick to evolve.

Geodude is fine, but kind of useless w/ crappy stats and typing. Get it to a Graveller, and then that's it. If it was Golem, then THAT'S something I'm okay with. To it's credit though, it's decent in helping out w/ gyms 4 and 6.