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I'm new to this site, so bear with me. Anywho, I finally decided to try to finish up Alpha Sapphire in order to get on to competitive, but I want an in-game team that I can feel proud of. I definitely want to keep my Sceptile (currently Grovyle), Slowbro, and Shiny Metagross (currently Metang) on my team, but I don't know about the rest. I have beaten Norman and am now in Mauville City because of May. I also have a Numel and Sableye that are roughly the same level as the rest of my team and I wanted to keep on my final team, but they have proven unsatisfactory so far. I've heard that Numel gets better over time, but Sableye can definitely be ridden of. The major type weaknesses of this team are Bug, Grass, Electric, and Dark. I am willing to use the Latias for the in-game team as well as competitive. All suggestions are welcomed, thank you :D

Edit: I have decided to keep Numel and evolve it into a Camerupt, which will take care of most of my team's weaknesses. Now, the only major weaknesses of my team are Dark types. I have to remind you that this is an in-game team, so I don't need EVs, movesets, Natures, or items, but I do appreciate your help with it nevertheless.

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Bug, Grass, Electric and Dark huh..
A Flying/Ground Type should do the job, its a legendary, so yeah...

You said Numel? Numel evolves into Camerupt and then Camerupt recieves an Mega, but you get that later on in-game.

For Camerupt you should have this moveset:
[email protected] (or something..)
Anger Point (HA) --> Sheer Force
Quiet Nature (+ Sp. Atk, -Speed)
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/ 126 Sp. Def / 126 Def
- Eruption
- Earth Power
- Fissure
- Hidden Power (Grass or Electric)

Camerupt covers your Bug, Grass, and Water Types. M Camerupt is awesome too, but the sacrifice for speed makes it super slow..

Slowbro also has a chance of Mega Evolving, too.
[email protected]
Regenerator (HA) --> Shell Armor
Modest Nature (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/126 Sp. Def/126 Def
- Surf
- Psychic
- Flamethrower
- Signal Beam

Another, yet awesome Mega.

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This is in-game dude. No need for EVs, Natures, etc.
I agree with Infernal Crown (thanks), but I will certainly use Camerupt, which will eliminate my Bug, Grass, and Electric (which you said Water for xD) type weaknesses. Now I just need 2 more Pokemon to add.
126 evs in something gives it 2 pointless evs and slowy has 4 spare do this: 128 def & sp def
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For a fire type I recomend camerupt I guess.
ability: solid rock
evs: 252 def; 252 sp def; 4 hp
-earth power
-fire blast
-stone edge
-flash cannon

I wouldn't recomend keeping both metagross and slowbro but movesets:
ability: own tempo (for elite four who love confusion)
evs:252sp atk; 132 sp def; 124 def
-surf (power and transport)
-shadow ball
-ice beam

ability: clear body
evs: 252 atk; 132 sp def; 124 def
-meteor mash
-zen headbutt
-hammer arm

If you get rid of slowbro:
ability: clear body
evs: 252 sp atk; 132 def; 124 sp def
-ice beam
-sludge bomb
-dazzling gleam

if you get rid of metagross:
ability: inner focus
evs: 252 atk; 132 sp def; 124 def
-iron head
-night slash
-brick break

ability: overgrow
evs:252 speed; 252 sp atk; 4 hp
-energy ball
-dragon pulse
-focus blast
-nature power

ability: natural cure
evs: 124 sp def; 132 def; 252 hp
-dragon pulse
-fire blast

ability: intimidate
evs: 252 atk; 252 speed; 4 hp
-play rough
-return, facade, or retaliate ( my choice)
-wild charge

Hope I Helped!!!

Sure, I'll use Camerupt. I'm gonna keep Metagross and Slowbro as they are great in their own separate ways.  This is in-game, like I said, so I'm not sure if Stoutland is there.  Altaria, however, is usable; I have a Swablu in the PC, and I could use a Fairy type to cover Dark and Dragon types. Thanks.
No problem, stoutland (or lilipup) can be obtained from trade or the gts, or at route 101 after you calm kyogre down.