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I have beat the Pokemon league for the first time and I have just started the delta episode. So far my team is as follows:

I don't really want a water type but I think I need one.

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My opinion? Walrein.

Your team doesn't look like the type who surf and Walrein is an Ice type. That will help.

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I agree with Demon Flygawne.
Surf is very useful in ORAS as there are many bodies of water.
There are plenty of other Pokémon which can learn surf and are not Water Types.

Tyranitar - Great movepool and although Physical works better than Special this is Ingame and it really doesn't matter. He also get a couple of really nice spread moves to deal with horde battles

Latias/Latios -Decent movepool and neat stats in general. You can also Eon Flute to Mirage Islands

Garchomp (Mega) -Gatchompite is extremely difficult to get but non mega works fine too. He has high speed nice coverage moves as well as an acces to spread moves.

Here for more Pokemon with Surf