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I'm about to go fight the Pokemon League, and I recently evolved the Wynaut I got from an egg, and I need it to level up a bit before taking on the elite four and Steven (the champion). Does anyone have a good method for leveling up Wobbuffets?

Easy. You don't. Wobuffet is not good.
You level it up the same way you level up every other Pokémon....
Wobuffet is horrible. Why are you using it in the first place?

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The fastest method to level up in oras is the Blissey bases you scan through qr codes. Here are some tutorials on how to find and add them


This one is a general guide to the Blissey base


This one is a guide to the secret meadow


This one is a guide to the secret shore


Those two are the qr codes for both the secret meadow and secret shore

Another alternate method, and it is annoying, is to challenge a couple people. They are the camera man and the reporter. You find them first on route 111. After battling them there, you can find them again on route 118 on the eastern shore, and route 120 at the very northeastern part. These two rotate between these positions after every battle. The pattern goes route 111 --> route 118 -- route 120 and repeat. These guys give a significantly less xp than the Blissey base but it's still good enough to level up. The use Magneton and Loudred or their evolutions depending on which part you are at the game

You can also level up by finding Audino on the mirage spots. Here is where you can find them