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`In X/Y we had the battle chateau with furisode girls to train. Now where?

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The best way to train is using the town map choice on your Pokedex (bottom screen).

The town map will display all trainers that you have already fought in an area and it will also display if they're willing to re-battle you. Additionally, the town map also has their team listed.

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The way I find to be the best is with Blissey secret bases. Because Blissey have the highest EXP yield people make their secret base teams out of Blissey and post the Qr codes to them online. The best way to use them is to fill your secret shore and secret meadow with these bases(you will have 12 bases to use for training) and then you will be able to fly directly to them with the eon flute as well making them easily accessible. However if you scan any Qr codes you will not be able to use the bases for getting flags or training until the midnight after scanning them. From my own experience I could KO the Blissey and get around 20k EXP each time so it is very effective.

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