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Does someone show it to you? If so where are they?


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There is one way.

However, it is very hard.

You probably will not get it. Unless you have friends in high places.

In Japan, there is an event for a Shiny Jirachi, running from Dec. 1, 2014 to May 28, 2015. Here's what Serebii has to say:

>Location: Pokémon Center - Christmas Charity Wristband Promotion

>Type: Serial Code

>Location: Japan

So to answer your question, yes. There is (technically) a way to get Jirachi in the PokéDex, but it will be very difficult.

TL;DR Technically, yes. Practically, no.

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Lucky japan...
Nice.  The event runs through the past. (Dec. to May of the same year)  Pokemon is the time-travel pioneer.
Dialga, Celebi… Time Lord Pokémon.
Japan gets every thing
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no there is not, besides trade.

Okay, thanks!
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