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I really like the other kinds of balls but I could never get a fossil Pokemon with another. Is there any way?

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No. Not legitimately outside of events

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Unfortunately, no, you can't have fossil Pokemon in any ball except a Pokeball (unless if you hack). Unless, of course, if you get one from an event, which would come in a Cherish Ball. I know, it sucks that they can't be in an Ultra Ball or Luxury Ball or whatever kinds of balls you like, and I hope that this can finally, somehow be changed in Sun and Moon.
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thanks, i hope too somehow this should be changed in sun and moon although i don't see how.
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Yes just make sure its a boy fossil Pokemon then breed it with a Pokemon with the same egg group (Female) And the ball you used to catch the mother will pass down to the baby hope I helped!

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But it's impossible to have fossil Pokemon in any ball except the standard PokeBall in the first place, so this feature makes no difference.
But the female can be a different pokemon just aslong as its in the same egg group for example: Aerodactyl is in the flying egg group so if you breed it with for example: Pidgey they can make a egg so make sure its a male Aerodactyl and a female Pidgey with the pokeball you want and you will get either one out of the egg just keep doing it until you get a Aerodactyl level one and it will have the same pokeball as the mother like if the Pidgey was a Master Ball then so would the baby!
@ tantona_25 I don't think you understand, the pokemon that hatches from an egg is always the mother pokemon, so in that example you made a pidgey would hatch, not an aerodactyl.
@ A Geeky Jawa But if the mothers a ditto?