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Started breeding but don't know where to EV train.
Please only suggest only hordes and a good Sweet Scent user as well.

You could use Surskit for Sweet Scent, as you get it early on and it learns it at Level 9.

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If you do horde training (which is the fastest way to EV train in my opinion), here are the hordes to use:
(If you need a Sweet Scent Pokemon, just pick up an Oddish off Route 119)

Whismur- Rusturf Tunnel
(1 EV for each whismur)

Shuppet- Mt. Pyre (cemetery)
(1 EV for each Shuppet)
1 Attack

Sandshrew- Route 111 (in the desert part)
(1 EV for each Sandshrew)

SP Attack
Oddish- Route 119
(1 EV for each Oddish)

SP Defense
Swablu- The far north part of Route 115
(1 EV for each Swablu)

Zigzagoon/Wingull/Taillow- Route 104 (There's a big patch of tall grass behind the Flower Shop)
(1 EV for each Pokemon)

There are more hordes than this you can use, but all of these have an appearance rate of 100% (except for the speed training on Route 104, but those are the only three hordes that will appear there anyways), so they're a bit easier to use! Hope this helped!

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There are MUCH more I think
there are, but these are the easiest to use, because all the rest don't always have an encounter rate of 100%
Thanks then!
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