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Just wondering.
Also provide all the ways to obtain all berries while you're at it.

I found this little guide on Serebii about berries and their associated PokeBlocks etc.


I edited this to a comment because it does not answer the question. -Scraf
I need locations and how to obtain them. Not rarity and kinds of Pokeblocks.

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The berries that lower damage from super effective attacks are in Berry Garden on route 123. the more common berries are found near the Flower Shop, Near the Mauville-Verdanturf day care, route 124, near Lanette's house, and Kelpsy Berries are found in the area where you catch jigglypuff. Rawst and Aspear are on the other side of Fiery Path. Leppa Beries are on the path before Rustboro.

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