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Im Wonderlocking in Omega Ruby. I have a Problem.I can't beat wattson.
Lv 24 Leafeon:Magicial Leaf ,razor leaf,tackle,quick attack.
Lv 22 Masquearin:air cutter,bubblebeam,mud shot,quick attack.
Lv 22 Croconaw:Ice Fang,Ice Punch,Crunch,Aqua Jet.
Lv 21 Machop:Rock Smash,seismic toss,Low Sweep,Rolling Kick.
Please give me directions.

Overlevel your Pokemon until they almost stop obeying you.

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If the 4 Pokémon you listed here are on your side, then you should get a Ground-type. Electric-type moves do not affect Ground-type Pokémon. Also, Electric-type Pokémon are weak to Ground-type moves.

Just a piece of advice to you: sweeping an entire gym leader's team with one Pokémon is risky, especially if your one Pokémon has a weakness to the gym leader's specialty and if you're one Pokémon is sweeping with only one Super-effective move.

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