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Recently I've been wonder trading a lot, and yesterday I got a shiny gGastly. I leveled it to Hauter and then I noticed the only to evolve it to Gengar is by trading it . The problem is I don't really wanna trade with someone else because they might keep the Pokemon for themselves, so is there a way to put it on GTS an get it on Pokemon Y or Black 2 ? (I'm playing OR).


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As far as I know it is possible to put one Pokemon on the GTS in one game and trade it to another game, but it is risky, as somebody could get to your Haunter before you do. (You won't be able to do it on Black 2 because Nintendo WFC as been shut down for all normal DS games.)

You can aslo, as Doctor Disco said, trade between two DS systems.

Hope this helps!

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Trading between two of your own DS systems is a possibility too. It's how I evolve my Pokémon in Platinum and HeartGold.
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