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Would a Substitute from a Blissey be able to take more hits than a Eevee Substitute because Substitute takes more HP from a Blissey than an Eevee, or is the HP set?

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It is dependent on the user

Using 25% of its maximum HP, the user creates a substitute with 1 HP more than the amount of HP lost by the user. If the user's maximum HP is 3 or less, it will not lose any HP when the substitute is made. A substitute will have the same current type and current stats as the Pokémon that created it.

So, if the Pokemon had 100 HP, the substitute will have 26 HP.

The higher the HP of the Pokemon, the higher HP the substitute will have.

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Substitute has exactly 1/4th of the users health + 1, so yes, Blissesy Subs would have more health because of its massivley superior base HP. This will defer based on the HP of the poke using Sub.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Substitute_(move)

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