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Destroy the substitute than attack
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Yes in Generation VI Substitute no longer blocks sound-based moves. Therefore if the target's Pokémon is behind a substitute you can still hit it and deal damage if you use one of following moves:

Bug Buzz
Disarming Voice
Echoed Voice
Hyper Voice
Relic Song
Snore (if the target behind the Substitute is asleep)

These moves will also hit the target through a Substitute but do not deal damage:

Grass Whistle
Metal Sound
Noble Roar
Parting Shot
Perish Song

As of Generation VI a Pokémon that has Infiltrator as it's Ability can hit a Pokémon with a Substitute, as Infiltrator allows you to bypass Substitute.

Whirlwind also bypasses a Substitute like Roar causing the target to be switched out.

Multi-Strike Moves may be able to break a Substitute and continue to hit the target dealing damage. This though depends on the Multi-Strike Move being used, how many times it hits, the type of the Pokémon behind the Substitute, the type of the Multi-Strike Move and the type of the Pokémon attacking the Substitute.

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No there are no conventional ways to hit a Pokemon behind substitute
Some undamaging moves like Whirlwind, Foresight, Taunt, Haze etc. will bypass Substitute and Multi-attack moves like Bullet Seed and Icicle Spear can also break it and continue to hit
Apart from that it is impossible to hit past a Substitute

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If you have a Pokemon with the ability infiltrator they can strike an opponent even with a substitute up :-) Zubat can get some love after all!!!

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