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When you're behind a Substitute and the Substitute takes damage for you, then you use Avalanche, will Avalanche's power be doubled?

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Yes, Avalanche will do double damage even if it has a substitute up. Hope I helped!
Special thanks to AlphaDraconis for helping me out with this!


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Why do you comment a wrong answer, it's like you're trying to confuse me on purpose.
I tried testing it again in-game, and it seems you are correct. Don't know what happened with my first test.
So this is correct? I'm confused
Yes, I think it is, so you should give him best answer.
The Replay proves it correct.
Im afraid Crimson's answer is wrong and Quagmire's answer is right.
Okey, sorry Quagmire for doubting you, thank you too Crimson1 for taking time to test and stuff
It's ok