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I need a water counter and I think these are my best options, aswell as tangrowth but maybe they aren’t as good. Not using Luxray or Roserade because this is a 2nd playthrough and I wanna use new Pokémon.

Team I have so far
Infernape (Monferno)
Staraptor (Staravia)
Giratina (Soon)

Jolteon is very far better than Abomasnow. It's faster and has less weaknesses. Tangrowth is probably worse than Jolteon and better than Abomasnow.
Thanks, is there a water counter better than Jolteon? (Not including Luxray or Roserade)
Rotom is probably a good Water counter, it also has a immunity to ground.
Rotom has low stats, though. I think Infernape, Jolteon, Gardevoir, and Azelf are very likely better electric move users compared to Rotom.

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-Immune to elctric and heals using Volt Absorb
-Just 1 weakness
-130 Base Speed-Excellent
-110 Base SpA-Awesome
-Wide range of moves avilable

-Low HP&Def Stat
-Less Atk Stat which allows you to run only special moves


-Good HP,Def.SpD Stats

-Low Speed
-Low ATk/SpA Stats
-Less type coverage moves

So you can and absolutely go with Jolteon.Its just awesome,
Abomasnow is just bulky and also a very good water counter compared to Jolteon.

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Ability: Volt Absorb
IVs: 0 Atk
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow Ball
- Signal Beam
- Mud-Slap

I used this moveset and had good results so I recommend.

Water counter and also Flying using Thundebolt
Good counter to Ghost with Shadow Ball
Psychic and Dark coverage using Signal Beam(usefull against Cythias Spiritomb)
Mudslap having low BP still can do damage on Electric Rock Fire and Steel which you will encounter in Your game soon.

Note:You can also use Tunder Punch on Infernape for very good water coverage

Hope I Helped

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20 BP would hardly do any damage even if it is supported by Jolteon's stats. Dig is a better option, although not supported by Jolteon's stats
Maybe dig is good but I personally used Mud Slap and it did help me.
Jolteon does not have a wide range of moves
Signal beam is from a post-game tutor. Thunder wave is better.
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Let's compare the two:


Amazing Sp. Atk and Sp. Def
Useful ability (Volt Absorb)
Outspeeds pretty much everything
Learns moves like Discharge, Thunderbolt etc.
You can get an Eevee pretty early
Access to Signal Beam, which counters Dark and Psychic types.
Only one weakness - Ground

Learns good moves late
Frail physically
You'll need a Heart Scale to make it remember T-Shock, its first Electric move


Good Atk. and Sp. Atk
Reliable HP
Access to Wood Hammer, an amazing STAB move

Bad Typing
4x Weak to Fire
Weak to a lot of types (7)
Pretty slow
Evolves pretty late (Lv. 40)
It's ability (Snow Warning) may hurt the rest of your team

You should go with Jolteon
It's a much better counter to Water-types, but also a little frail physically so be careful!

Jolteon @ Anything
- Thunderbolt
- Signal Beam
- Dig
- Filler

However, if you still want an Ice-type to be on your team, go with either Glaceon or Weavile

Glaceon @ Anything
- Ice Beam
- Filler
- Filler
- Filler

Glaceon is a bit shallow in terms of movepool. It's only good STAB moves are Ice Beam and Blizzard. Weavile is also an option. She's notorious for being very frail, but since she outspeeds pretty much everything - supported by the massive Atk. stat as well - that shouldn't be a big trouble. You can get a Razor Claw to evolve Sneasel pretty early in Cyrus' room in the Veilstone Galactic building via the Dowsing MCHN.

Weavile @ Anything
- Ice Punch
- Night Slash
- Filler
- Filler

NB: Ice Punch can be learned through the Move Tutor in Route 212 under the cost of 6 Blue Shards and 2 Red Shards. Night Slash can be learned through the Move Reminder in Pastoria city under the cost of 1 Heart Scale.

Hope I helped!

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Signal beam is from a post-game tutor. Thunder wave and shadow ball are both better.