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I have a Lv. 2 Pikachu I got from Viridian Forest while trying to catch 10 species as requested by Oak's Aide, and recently received an Eevee in Celadon. I just bought a Thunderstone from Celadon Dept. Store.

So which should I raise? I really had some trouble with Green's Gyarados.

Rest of the team (not including the Eevee) :

Cabbage - lv. 28 Ivysaur (F)
Cereal - lv. 26 Nidorino (M)
Shima - lv. 28 Clefairy (F)
Burning - lv. 18 Growlithe (M)

Not a full answer, but Raichu is better than Jolteon according to this: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pok%C3%A9mon-firered-leafgreen-in-game-tier-discussion.3668351/
I don’t know what logic you’re using when you say there’s no “better Pokémon”, but that is objectively wrong. Pokémon can have better stats, abilities, movepools, and so many other factors that can make them better.
So basically, by your logic, if I had to pick between a Snom to a Galarian Darmanitan, I would go with Snom just because I like it more and because its Bug typing makes it resistant to Ground and Grass. What a rational decision.
Yeah, this isn't correct
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  • Wide Movepool
  • Learns T-Bolt by level-up (as Pikachu)
  • Good speed of 110.
  • Frail Physically



  • Awesome SpA and Spe base stats (110 & 130 respectively)
  • Shallow special movepool. Learns plenty of Physical moves but Atk stat is low (65)
  • Frail Physically.
  • TM is required to learn an electric move. (You get an Eevee at lvl 25, but Jolt learns T-Shock at 16)

If you just want to hit Water or Flying types hard, then Jolteon is your best bet. Raichu's physical moves as well as Thunderbolt, can hit hard against most of the opponents.

Raichu @ anything
Ability: Static
- Thunderbolt
- Iron Tail
- Brick Break
- Body Slam / Double Edge / Thief / Light Screen

Jolteon @ anything
Ability: Volt Absorb
- Thunderbolt
- Bite
- Thunder
- (anything)

Hope this helps :)

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Raichu is a better option than Jolteon.
Raichu has a great Special Attack and Speed. It also has a decent movepool.
Here's a moveset:
Raichu @ Magnet
Ability: Static
Brick Break
Thief/ Iron Tail/ Reflect/ Light Screen
Thunder Wave
P.S. I know that this is old. Sorry.

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This doesn't give reasons on why raichu is better
> Raichu has a great Special Attack and Speed. It also has a decent movepool.

Jolteon's respective stats are greater...
That isn't long enough.